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  •   1.Day to remember the original world more beautiful because of you, happy birthday。


      2.Wish a wonderful fragrance moment around you, make your life full of happiness, forever the bath in endless joy time! I wish you a happy birthday!


      3.Today is your birthday, my love, thank you for your toil, thank you for giving me the concern, understanding and support。 All my love to you!


      4.Today is your birthday, I will never forget not to drop a day。 May god bless you a happy life in peace, healthy and happiness! My wife。


      5.I have no colorful flowers, no the romantic poetry, no expensive gifts, free without those exciting surprise, only a gentle blessing, wish you a happy birthday!


      6.The birthday girl guy, in your birthday is coming, wish you can get all hope, all dreams come true, all waiting can appear, all paying can cash, happy birthday!


      7.Have a great/smashing one!


      8.Many happy returns of the day。


      9.Hope your day is filled with joy and blessings。


      10.I hasten to congratulate you on the coming of your birthday. May gladness fill your every hour with joy to light your way.



      1.Wish lots of love on your Birthday!


      2.May your birthday be a celebration of the life. Wish you all happiness, health

      and prosperity with many returns of the day.


      3.I want to be one of the first who say "Happy birthday to you". May everything it take to make a very happy and successful year!


      4.My birthday wishes to you are the warmest. May all the plans you are making work out just right for you and may life always bring the best things your way.


      5.May you enjoy to the fullest the joy of today. Wishing that your special day be a winner all the way!


      6.My heartiest birthday greetings to you, a feeling much warmer than anybody can know. Best wishes for everything your heart desire in the year.


      7.Hoping all the best things will always come your way。


      8.Birthday greetings to the apple of my eye。


      9.All the best!


      10.Warmest wishes that your birthday holds nothing but the best. The finest things in life today and every day!



      1.Time is always more and more short, birthday is increasingly fast, love is always more and more strong, my blessing is more and more deep, let you every day as picturesque beauty! Happy birthday!


      2.Dear, tomorrow is your birthday, send a blessing SMS, tell you, I'm ready, waiting for your call; Want to say to you is that you are in my life, the only girl worth waiting for。


      3.Blessing of ho also said not over, always happy thing always can't finish the music, beautiful mood beautiful forever, always happy days is not over, I wish you a happy birthday, happy every day。


      4.Poor can't afford to drink water, poor to pay my fee, poor to eat rice, poor leaves bowl, the poor are all tired, poor leaves the mouth; Generous clockwork information: I wish you a happy birthday。


      5.Happy birthday song for you joy, and happiness with you。 May your life sweet and fragrant like a cake。 Lit candles, please remember to make a good wish。 I wish you a happy birthday, a dream come true!


      6.You are the happiest woman in the world, there is a handsome, humorous and love your husband very holds the promise of life to you and to walk with you every year today, my wife, happy birthday!


      7.Pick a beautiful flower, a bunch of red maple leaf, into the envelope of missing, remote sent to distant friends! In this the most beautiful day of the year, I sincerely say to you: happy birthday!


      8.With light your birthday candle, the falling of a star with a falling snow in the winter for you write Zhang Zhufu card, with a sincere heart for you open the years new chapter, I wish you a happy birthday。


      9.Today is your birthday, but I can't in your side, but my blessing had already passed the long march, after my own heart have no face to face expression, send a text message, send sincere blessings! I wish a happy birthday!


      10.Affair best mood, purple deep and remote dream, full of light。 Thrown into poems elegant way。 Fung sound moving, lianchi with poly, the star is like a dance。 In your birthday, text messages, I wish you a happy birthday!